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Feature and Short Film Consulting

Specializing in Story Development, Script Consulting, Production Consulting, Marketing, Distribution and Festivaling.  Jonathan isn't a producer that has only been behind a desk or in video village; he's been in the trenches with boots on the ground.  Jonathan can realistically and honestly take you through how to produce the best version of your film and execute a marketing, festival and distribution strategy.

Production Strategy

Looking to make a feature or short?  Jonathan can steer you through how to make a micro budget, low budget or no budget film from beginning to end and get the most movie for your dollar.  Tips and tricks that only hands-on experience would have as well as select crew, post-production or other connections you may need or haven't thought of that only industry experience would be able to offer.

Marketing Consultation

Do you have no budget or a lot of budget for marketing?  Jonathan can take you through the tried and true techniques that he used and uses to get the most amount of people to see your film and a strategy for rolling out your marketing campaign with your release dates.

General 1:1 Strategy Session

Do you have general or broad questions about your movie?  Are you looking for script, production, festival and marketing help?  Book a 30 or 60 minute 1:1 with Jonathan to get an excellent hands-on approach for everything, or almost everything, you should be thinking about to not only write or shoot your film but insight into distribution and a roll-out strategy.  This is an excellent option for anyone with lots of questions and wanting an edge.  Many thoughtful pieces of hands-on advice catered towards your project.

Script Consulation

Looking to attract name talent, a director or distributor to board your film?  Or are you looking for script consulting to flesh out ideas?  Jonathan is happy to help.

Festival Consultation

Looking to get into a festival, how to have a free cast and crew screening and gain momentum on your short or feature film?  Jonathan can guide you through all the steps and most logical ways to roll-out your film.

Post-production Feedback

Looking for notes on your edit so you're getting the most movie from your movie?  Want to make sure your film is ready for festivals and distribution?  This is the best option.  Jonathan will watch your edit and give you notes catered towards your needs.

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