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Jonathan is a feature film director and producer as well as television producer.  His latest directorial effort THE LAST DEAL opened in over 20 theaters across the U.S. and was featured in The New York Times "1 of 5 Action Films to Stream Now".  The film is currently on Starz.  Jonathan wrote the screenplay for the pic.


The Boston native’s filmmaking career started at Sony Picture Studios as an intern for Academy Award winning producer Douglas Wick ("Divergent" franchise, "The Great Gatsby" and "Gladiator"). Six months later, he began writing his first feature screenplay and directorial debut, “Ante Up”. The ambitious super-16mm film played for a week at the Sunset 5 Theater on Sunset Blvd and made it to #77 in the box-office weekend charts. Welcome to Hollywood!


Since then, Jonathan has directed and produced multiple feature documentaries, Academy Award qualifying and festival winning short films, and Produces for Network television including 17 episodes of LIFETIME'S hit show MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT where he also served as a Story Producer.  

Jonathan's current film that he wrote/directed/produced THE LAST DEAL sold out at the Boston International Film Festival and won him a BEST DIRECTOR award as well as selling out at the 400 seat TLC Chinese Theater.

The filmmaker attributes his career so far to his intense preparation, perseverance and his love to collaborate with others and see everyone around him perform to their best potential meanwhile himself staying calm and collected under pressure. 

He is also a Boston Red Sox fan and dabbles in 35mm photography which can be seen HERE!

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