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My first feature and short-film were both shot on Super 16mm, and I have a deep love for the medium.  Although I shoot mostly digital now-a-days, this allows me to stay in touch with it. 


Please click on the images so they open in a pop-up window.  Hope you enjoy!

(L) Dancer and his angel (R) Tracy that watches over him.  I met Dancer Christmas of 2015 next to the Whisky Go Go on Sunset Blvd.  He was sleeping under a garage.  He is both blind and homeless.  Since then, we've built a website for him and Tracy manages his instagram and website.  This picture was taken at his recent birthday when he was overcome with emotion.

Egyptian kids

Jumped out of the car and snapped this shot, twenty-five miles west of Cairo, as we were driving through a small village. I love the brightness of these kids' smiles. I swear I’ve seen some of the biggest smiles in some of the lesser developed sections of the world.


I was in Washington D.C. producing a segment on undocumented Americans for the History Channel when I took this picture of Uriel during a 5,000 person rally in front of the Supreme Court Building.  Uri has lived in the U.S. since he was a child but he is unable to obtain a driver's license and can not leave the country for risk he can not return.  He works, pays taxes and has committed zero crimes.

I also met a gentleman that fought in the U.S. Army serving two tours but could face deportation. 

More pics to come!

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