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Director:  Jonathan Salemi                    Trailer:  (click here)

Genre:  Feature comedy


Shot on Super 16mm, this raucous comedy was Jonathan's directorial debut!  Premiering at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA and going on to play in limited theatrical release the comedic romp is the story of Frank, a notorious teller of tall tales, that claims to have a light switch in his new house that controls the sex-drive of his longterm virgin girlfriend, Julie.  He must now prove to his friends he's telling the truth without losing Julie in the process.


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Director:  Jonathan Salemi                             Clip:  (click here)                    

Genre:  Drama                                                Full movie:  (click here)


Shot completely on-the-fly without storyboards or pre-viz on a Saturday, "Open Road" was Jonathan's first film not shot on film.  Assembling a skeleton crew and using the Red-One for the first time, Jonathan wanted to test out the Red cam in the high desert.  The story is inspired from Jonathan at the time being recently single.

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Bluewater Music Festival

A two day music festival with over 30 bands on three stages.  Promo spots below

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A nonprofit PSA featuring American Idol winner Lee DeWyze